Dreiachsiger Ölhydraulischer Mikromanipulator (Narishige)

Original hydraulic model with large handle offering excellent linearity

This micromanipulator's hydraulic drive system can be remote-controlled, and provides smooth, vibration-free movements. As successor to the vernier type, it features a big cylinder control unit which enables very fine operation. Another key feature is the high reproduction of the linear position. Compared with the currently popular joystick method, this control unit has a long record of use among discerning customers because of its simple design and outstanding cost-efficiency. For microinjection systems, this model is recommended for use on the cell holding side, in combination with a joystick type manipulator.


    B-8C Ball Joint, H-7Pipette Holder, CF-3 Tube Fixture

Movement range
    Fine    X 10 mm,Y 10 mm, Z 10 mm

Full rotation of knob
    250 µm

Minimum Graduation
     1 µm

    Control unit    W 115 × D 115 × H 132 mm / 1.6 kg
    Drive unit    W 70 × D 50 × H 80 mm / 0.15 kg