Benchtop (Linos/TMC)

Faraday cages for shielding equipment or experimental setups from broad-cast electromagnetic interference.

The basic construction of the Faraday cage consists of a rugged stainless-steel frame and is opened with a refracting front panel.  This front panel is easier to open than hinged doors and causes less disturbance when adjusted.  The front panel may be positioned anyway between fully opened and closed and stays in position without a fastener.  This cage incorporates a stainless-steel frame and copper-mesh material.  The Faraday cage include a 2 inch diameter hole in the base of the side and rear panels.

A full perimeter enclosure ensures the assembly of the cage to the laboratory tables.  An optional U shaped hanging shelf enables a space-saving storage of power supplies and other devices inside the cage.  Padded armrests can also be mounted on the front of the enclosure.

The Benchtop Cages (as shown here) include a baseplate, which allows the cage to be used on a bench-top without a corresponding TMC table. The base of the cage is a reinforced stainless steel plate which can support a compact vibration isolation system, microscope, or other instrument.  Cages are available with or without baseplate.  Please specify at order.


Standard Dimensions

Fitting laboratory tables with dimensions 750 mm × 900 mm,

750 mm × 1200 mm,  and

900 mm × 1200 mm