Dreiachsiger Ölhydraulischer Mikromanipulator (Narishige)

Return of an acclaimed design with outstanding ease of use

This oil hydraulic joystick micromanipulator won considerable attention as an innovative model as soon as it went on sale, principally because of its smooth three-dimensional operation using a single lever. Since that time, it has been widely used by many customers, whose requests for restoration of its former shape and other discontinued features are met in this latest model. Those features include the tall upright joystick control section with plastic hand-rest and full, 500 µm rotation movement. In addition, a slimmer driving unit and attachment of the UT-2 as an accessory make this model easier than ever to use.


Accessories (included)
    IP Iron Plate, UT-2 Universal Joint, Allen Wrench

Movement range
    Fine    10 mm, Y 10 mm, Z 10 mm

Full rotation of knob
    500 µm

Minimum graduation
    4 µm

Joystick (max. movement in X-Y plane)
     2 mm

Dimensions/ Weight
    Control unit     W 165 × D 80 × H 175 mm / 1.85 kg
    Drive unit      W 70 × D 50 × H 80 mm / 0.15 kg



For attachment to the microscope, a coarse manipulator and suitable adaptor are required (sold separately).

Select Type B adaptor for mounting this manipulator in combination with MMN-1 coarse manipulator.

Changing the universal joint that attaches the micromanipulator to MMO-220A single-axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator enables four-dimensional remote controlled movement.