Cone Masks

Bowl Masks (RWD)

These Masks possess a clear cone for full visualization of muzzle.

The Cone Masks can be installed onto 68620 anesthesia operation platform (300 mm * 210 mm * 75 mm) to secure the animal on it.

The height of the mask can be adjusted to meet different experimental needs.

The mask have a sophisticated semi-enclosed design that ensures the connected evacuation apparatus to absorb and remove the waste gas outside the mask completely.



Order Information:

Cat No. Product Description
68620 Small Animal Anesthesia Operation Platform
68634 Juvenile Rat mask
44 mm OD * 5 mm ID * 24 mm depth
68635 Mouse mask
44 mm OD * 10 mm ID * 24 mm depth
68636 Rat mask
44 mm OD * 15 mm ID* 24 mm depth



About RWD Anesthesia

RWD Life Science has been always dedicated to study and provide perfect and competitive inhalation anesthesia systems that have great practical value to the life science research community. Multiple complete solutions to different procedures in mice, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, monkey, pig etc. have been set up, which has remarkable and even exclusive advantages over existing system, for example:

  1. Precise and stable control of anesthetic agents output regardless of environmental changes like pressure, temperature and air flow within the specific limits.
  2. The miniaturized design like anesthesia machines and scavenging system helps to improve laboratory space utilization.
  3. Unique stereotaxic frame nosecone masks and cone masks with tiny sizes satisfy more delicate surgeries like craniocerebral and ophthalmological surgery, and at the same time minimize harmful exposure to the research subjects while connecting to evacuation system.
  4. The latest-designed waste gas evacuation system with weighing (Cat No.R546W) brings research subjects great convenience.
  5. Higher performance to price ratio helps research subjects to reduce their expense while maintaining successful research.
  6. High adsorption efficiency of activated charcoal filter canister (Cat No.R510-31 & R510-31S).

Advantages of Inhalation Anesthesia:

  1. Can offer an improved level of control over depth and duration of anesthesia, especially for prolonged procedures.
  2. To be relatively insoluble and faster elimination in blood enables rapid recovery.
  3. Be of rapid onset and offset with minimal side effects.
  4. Have little or no toxic effects thanks to non-metabolism characteristic of Sevoflurane and Isoflurane.
  5. Be more safer and efficient performance to reduce morbidity rates and increase the chance for successful outcomes.