npi EXT-16

16-Kanal Extrazelluläres Verstärkermodul


Two EXT-08 amplifiers are combined with eight PA-2S amplifiers in two EPMS housings to get one 16-channel extracellular recording system. The system is completed by one INT-20M and one INT-20 MX breakout box modules for convenient data acquisition using a computer with CellWorks (ask for details).

Both EPMS housings consists of one EXT-08, four PA-2S amplifiers and one breakout box modules. The data are measured via the EXT-08 amplifiers, amplified by the eight PA-2S amplifiers and linked internally to the breakout box modules. Therefore, for connecting a data acquisition board to the system, only one cable between INT-20M and INT-20MX and one cable to the computer is necessary. Complex BNC cabling is not required any more.