Micromanipulator (Narishige)

Long cherished by many pioneering users, this manual micromanipulator features a smooth drive and stable controls, which are derived from advanced and successful technologies. Single-axis fine movement in the same direction as the microelectrode makes it possible to approach a specimen with care and caution. The three-dimensional coarse movement handle operates via a rack & pinion mechanism, enabling the microelectrode to be placed near the specimen quickly. Handles on both sides in the X- and Z-axis make this equipment suitable for both left- and right-handed operators, and hardness adjust­ment is also available to prevent the handle from dropping under its own weight. If used properly, this model's smoothness and stability will remain unchanged even over several decades of use.
H-1 Electrode Holder, Clamp Rod, Allen Wrench

Movement range
Coarse   X 40 mm, Y 20 mm, Z 35 mm
Fine       X 7 mm, Full rotation of knob 250 µm

Minimum graduation
10 µm

W 105 × D 70 × H 145 mm, 790 g