8 Channel in-line Heater (Dagan)

The IN-8 is the perfect system for preheating up to eight Perfusion lines for superfusion.  It is available with or without an internal Thermistor to monitor internal temperature.  Normal operation would use an external thermistor placed in the bath (chamber).


IN-8     8  Channel in-line Heater
IN-8T   8  Channel in-line Heater with internal thermistor



Body Length    15.2 cm (6”) Stainless Steel
Body Diameter   11.0 mm (5/8”) 
Tube Length     205 cm (8”), 18 gauge 304 Stainless Steel
Diameter            0.050" OD, 0.033" ID 
Power               30 W 
Flow rates         to 8 ml/min at 37 °C, 5 ml/min 50 °C solution temperature


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