SH-27B, SF-28

Single Inline Solution Heaters (Warner)

In-line solution heaters are the most direct way to warm solutions flowing into a Series 20 Imaging and Recording Chamber.

  • Small size allows placement close to imaging and recording recording so as to minimize convective heat losses
  • Single line in-line solution heaters include T1 thermister embedded within aluminum housing for feedback control
  • Designed to operate with TC-324B or TC-344B temperature controllers
  • Output temperature - ambient to 50 °C

In-line solution heating is the simplest and most effective method of warming perfusion solutions. The heater is connected to the chamber with a short length of tubing such that the warmed perfusate flows directly into the chamber bath. Depending on bath volume and other factors, in-line solution heating alone by it self may be sufficient for many applications.

In-line solution heaters from Warner  are used to warm perfusate solutions as they flow into a chamber (such as our Imaging and Recording Chambers). Their small size allows for placement close to the chamber input allowing the perfusate to be warmed immediately prior to entry. The SH-27B is our rapid flow in-line solution heater. It is ideal for perfusion flows up to 10 mL/min while the SF-28 is recommended for applications requiring solution flow rates of less than 2 mL/min.

Temperature control is maintained by an internal thermistor (i.e. T1 on the heater controller) which senses the temperature at the outflow end of the heater. This sensing thermistor is located outside of the solution path and is therefore not subjected to corrosive salts or careless cleaning.

Each heater is also supplied with a Model TA-29 thermistor cable assembly (as shown on the right) which allows for monitoring the actual bath temperature (T2 output on the heater controller). Solutions are gradually warmed as they flow from input to output resulting in minimal outgassing. Heater input and output lines accept standard 1/16" OD (PE-160) tubing.

Heater Resistance      10Ω
Voltage Requirement      Variable 0 to 12 VDC max
Maximum Temperature     50°C
Internal Dead Volume      260 μl
Maximum Flow Rate     at 37 °C    SF-28 2 ml/min  SH-27B 10 ml/min
Internal Dead Volume        330 µl
Body Physical Dimensions      12.5 mm × 12.5 cm (D × L)
Cable Length                     1.9 m

Temperature of 37°C can be maintained at ± 0.2°C under following conditions: Condition A Solution temperature at input (nominally 21°C) varies no more than ±10% Condition B Solution flow rate varies no more than 25%

Warranty                     One Year