Größere Heizdecke für Tiere (physitemp)

Physitemp offers two sizes of flexible blankets for use with the TCAT-2LV and TCAT-2DF controllers. These blankets use far infrared radiation to penetrate deep into the body the smaller blanket (WB-1) is suitable for mice and small rats. The larger (WB-2) is suitable for adult rats.

Both blankets feature overtemperature protection, which prevents the blanket temperature from exceeding 42 °C in the event that the primary feedback sensor becomes disconnected. Please note that the blanket must be supplied with the specified controller to match the overtemperature unit setting.



Dimensions         WB-2    25.4 × 25.4 cm
                           (WB-1    220.3 × 15.25 cm)
Power                 9 V @ 1.5 A
Overtemperature protection             100 Ω RTD
Lead Length        1 m
Material               Antibacterial Washable Surface