Verstellbare Halterungsmuffe (Narishige)

Handy auxiliary tool.

The compact and adjustable C-2 clamp is mounted on the ball joint, and can be used as a auxiliary tool. Ball joint mounting enhances ease of use by allowing the angles to be set freely. The BC-4 adjustable clamp however enables direct attachment to a ø 10 mm bar (Narishige GJ-1).

Mounting bar (ø 10 mm) to be ordered separately.

Different models for left- and right-handed users (please specify at order)


Accessories included

XY Control Knob
Hex Wrench
Movement range     Coarse     Z 24 mm
Fine     X 15 mm, Y 6 mm

Dimensions/Weight     W 80 × D 46 × H 96 mm, 300 g



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