Temperature Controller (Dagan)

The TC-10 is a Microscope Stage Temperature Controller for Study of....

  • Oocyte two electrode clamp
  • Whole-cell or single channel currents
  • Tissue culture/brain slice preparations

The TC-10 is a single thermistor sensor (usually in bath) controller with manually selectable Heating or Cooling.  Powered by an optional line operated separate power supply, or a user supplied 12 V, 8 Ah or greater rechargeable battery.


  • Small Size: 2½ x 7½ × 10 inches
  • Low noise, does not introduce electrical noise into measurements
  • Digital temperature meter
  • 0 °C to 40 °C with stability of ± 0.15 °C
  • Heating & Cooling by use of Peltier devices
  • Works with conventional or inverted microscopes
  • Water cooled heat exchanger for high thermal conductivity
  • Analog temperature output monitor at 10 mV/°C
  • Standby Mode activated manually or by external TTL signal
  • Thermal Overload Protection

Recording Chamber options:

  • Standard 35 mm disposable Petri dish
  • Cover Slip/Glass slide
  • Cut-Open Oocyte Clamp Chamber
  • RCP-6T (Linear Flow 6mm x 17mm Perfusion Chamber)
  • RCP-10T (Perfusion Chamber with 10mm round working area)
  • ICP-25T (Perfusion Imaging Chamber)
  • RCB-13T (Bilayer Chamber)

Thermal Stage options:

  • HE-100 Series Thermal Stages
  • HE-200 Series Thermal Stages



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