Einachsiger motorisierter stereotaktischer Mikromanipulator, mit Digitalskala (Narishige)

This stereotaxic micromanipulator uses a motor-driven mechanism to provide precision movement. The drive unit incorporates a motor and sensor to allow microelectrodes to be positioned more accurately.

The DMA-1510 is a simplified model without the digital sensor that is the drive unit of the DMA-1511 equipped with.
Positional information from the drive unit is fed back to the control unit via digital scale, allowing the drive unit's position to be accurately determined. The micromanipulator can be controlled remotely by pressing keys on the keypad. A given position can easily be set and logged as a reference point, and the distance from a set reference point can be displayed. Calculating coordinates automatically using positional measurement eliminates the hassle of calculating the distance traveled during and after an experiment. The advantages of motorized control are put to full use in the micromanipulator's vast array of features and support for upgrades, allowing it to be used effectively in a variety of experiments.

Digital Scale

DMA-1511 is equipped with a digital scale that reads a linear scale with a sensor on the drive unit, whereby the distance traveled can be measured in real time. Unlike conventional motorized manipulators, the distance actually traveled and the coordinate are shown on the display, whereby precisely controlled drive can be achieved.

Digital display
Coordinate Calculation

This function enables the user to set an arbitrary position as a reference point and the display is capable of showing the distance traveled from the reference point set. Position measurement system saves you the inconvenience of calculating the distance traveled, during and after each experiment.

Serves Various Functions in Various Experiments

An arbitrary distance is configurable in both step drive and set drive. The use of the step drive allows you to advance the microelectrode while checking cells, one by one.

Free Drive

This mode allows step/set movement to the upper or lower direction while the operation key is pressed. In confirming the position, this mode is useful for advancing an electrode close to the sample.

Distance Set Drive

In this mode, a movement distance is set. An electrode moves in an upper or lower direction by a configured distance each time the operation key is pressed.

Distance Set Drive

This mode repeats a certain distance of movement and interval in turn while the operation key is pressed. In confirming the position, this mode is used for carefully advancing an electrode.

Step Drive

Coordinate Set Drive

By determining absolute target coordinates based on a set reference point and traveling to those coordinates, the micromanipulator can move the end of a microelectrode to initially set target coordinates regardless of the microelectrode's starting position. When target coordinates (+Xµm) are set based on a reference point, the microelectrode travels to the set +Xµm coordinates from its current coordinates (a).


Accessories included: 

Keypad Cable
Display Cable
Extension Cable for Display
AC Power Cord
Rack Mount Brackets
Bracket Mounting Screws
Rubber Foot
Dedicated Electrode Holder

Drive source      5-phase Stepping Motor

Movement range    35 mm

Minimum increment    Coarse    0.5 µm
                Fine    0.05 µm
                Super fine     0.005 µm

I/O port for communication    USB Type B

Power source    AC 100 V - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption    50 W

    Drive Module    W 145 × D 35 × H 195 mm, 0.8 kg
    Control Box    W 430 × D 350 × H 80mm, 8.2 kg
    Keypad (Controller)    W 125 × D 142 × H 30 mm, 0.28 kg
    Display    W 140 × D 85 × H 35 mm, 0.26 kg