Drug Application System (npi electronic)

npi PDES units are designed for pressure ejection of drugs in physiological and pharmacological studies.  PDES systems can be equipped with high pressure outputs (up to Pmax = 4 bar / 87 psi) for drug application with fine-tipped micropipettes or with low-range pressure output (Pmax = 0.7 bar / 10 psi) for controlled droplet application from large-tipped pipettes.  Analog (standard) or digital timers (optional) and a remote-control unit facilitate the use of these instruments.

The PDES 02D is the standard system. Each system is housed in a 19" cabinet that can be mounted in a rack.  It is comprised of two channels.  Each channel consists of a precision pressure regulator, an analog (or digital) pressure display, a digital (or analog) timer, electronically controlled valves, control electronics and a regulated power supply.  Ejection of drugs can be activated manually or via a TTL input.  The operational status is indicated by a red/green LED.  Each channel is equipped with an "EXHAUST" coupling whereby a low "retain" pressure can be applied (analogous to the "retaining" current used in iontophoretic systems).