Manual Injector

(Sutter Instrument)

The Manual Injector is a manual syringe driver for pneumatic or hydraulic control of injection needles or holding pipettes.  It is suitable for injecting volumes in the nanoliter to microliter range.  It is also widely used as a fluid control device for IVF applications requiring sensitive manual control of the displacement of microneedle contents.

The system is constructed from the highest quality parts.  The base assembly is black anodized aluminum.  A non-rotating Mitutoyo micrometer provides the drive to the gas-tight syringe.

A precision 3-way valve provides a convenient method for filling the fluid line and clearing air bubbles from the line.  Teflon tubing, chromatography connectors and a pipette holder complete the system.

The injection resolution is dependent on the volume of the syringe that is installed, as outlined in the following table.  For example, with a 25 µl syringe installed, one complete rotation of the micrometer  (25 divisions)  yields a displacement equivalent to a volume of 267nl and turning the micrometer one division (0.001") yields 10.6 nl.

Syringe volume

Volume per revolution

Volume per division

10 µl 106 nl 4.2 nl
25 µl 267 nl 10.6 nl
50 µl 529 nl 21.2 nl
100 µl 1.06 µl 42.3 nl
250 µl 2.65 µl 105.8 nl
500 µl 5.29 µl 211.7 nl
1000 µl 10.58 µl 423.4 nl