Thin Three-Dimensional Micromanipulator (Narishige)

Thin body design for multi-channel recording.

The NMN-25 features a thin driving unit for multi-channel recording. In addition, the placement of handles in one direction instead of three, and the adoption of a simpler holder fixing section, enables several manipulators to be installed and operated close together without interfering with each other. The use of an isolation table makes it easy to install multiple manipulators. Like the NMN-21, which was developed for patch clamping, this manual manipulator integrates coarse and fine movements, and employs a body design which absorbs vibrations. As a result, operation is precise, stable,and free from concerns about drifting and electromagnetic disturbance.



Accessories included
Universal Joint, Fixing Plate, H-12 Electrode Holder, Allen Wrench

Movement range
X     Coarse 15 mm, Fine 6 mm, Full rotation of fine knob: 250 µm
Y     Coarse and fine total 15 mm, Full rotation of fine knob: approx. 250 µm
Z     Coarse 15 mm, Fine 6 mm, Full rotation of fine knob: 250 µm

W 155 × D 60 × H 100 mm / 600g


Set up example


The AP-14/AP-13-3 patch clamp headstage holder (sold separately) can be attached.