npi BA-01X

Bridge mode amplifier for intracellular recording (npi)

Bridge mode amplifier npi BA-01X, for intracellular (i. e. current clamp) recording, with compensation for series resistance and capacitance. Usable with sharp microelectrodes or patch pipettes, in whole-cell, cell-attached, or perforated-patch configuration. Enhanced current range for juxtacellular recordings, electroporation or iontophoresis. Headstage optionally with mount for metal rod (8 mm), dove tail 1 (Scientifica, Sutter), dove tail 2 (Luigs & Neumann), base plate 3 mm (Burleigh)



  • True Current Clamp operations with measured membrane potential and complete cancellation of series resistance.
  • Can be used with sharp microelectrodes, and patch pipettes in whole-cell and perforated-patch configuration.
  • Digital DISPLAYS for current, voltage and electrode resistance
  • BUZZ and ELECTRODE CLEAR facility
  • OSCILLATION SHUT-OFF prevent cells from damage
  • Digital setting of gated stimulus amplitude, setting and digital read-out of holding current
  • NOW with enhanced (×10) current range for electroporation or iontophoresis