Automatic Chlorider for Silver Surfaces (npi)


The ACl-01 apparatus is a low-cost, fully automatic system for manufacturing chlorinated silver wires as reference electrodes, which are widely used in electrophysiology (Ag-AgCl electrodes). The quality of recorded signals relies on a thorough preparation of the Ag-AgCl electrodes.


  • Low-cost, fully automatic system for manufacturing Ag-AgCl electrodes
  • Makes the fabrication of chlorided silver wires reliable and easy
  • Uses an external power supply
  • Works according to an optimized chloriding procedure developed at the Max-Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Operation indicated by LED
  • all necessary equipment (25 ml glass dish, silver wire and connectors for the silver wire) is available

The ACl-01 apparatus provides all the necessary equipment and an electronic control unit to automatically chloride silver wires by electrolysis. The system is batteries operated and has an auto power off function. The ACl-01 system is housed in a small plastic enclosure where a glass dish can be placed. A holder for the Ag and silver reference wire electrode is attached for easy handling. The recommended solution is 2 molar KCl.

The currents needed for cleaning and chlorinating the Ag wire are controlled electronically. The eight minutes chlorinating procedure is electronically timed.


chlorididinating voltage trace

ACl-01 working scheme

Chlorinating of silver wires sufficient for typical electrophysiological recordings, is equivalent to several mA/h of Ag-AgCl coating. In general, the coating is thicker than conventional chlorinating with chlorinating agents. It is thinner than dipping in hot, liquid AgCl, but the coating is more uniform. Typically silver wires of 0.15 mm to 0.5 mm diameter are used and these will be coated efficiently.

The ACl-01 is fully automated. Once the START button is pressed, the ON LED lights and all functions are performed under electronic control. After the chlorinating procedure the system turns off automatically.