Mightex Optical Spectrum Synthesizing Source (Cubic-S)

Any Spectrum, Any Time, One Solid-State Light Source!

Many applications, such as multi-spectral imaging, LCD display characterization, detector calibration, and color measurement etc., can benefit tremendously from a light source with an arbitrarily programmable optical spectrum. As apposed to conventional tunable lasers, which only produce a single wavelength at a time, Mightex Optical Spectrum Synthesizing Source (“Cubic-S”) is capable of dynamically generating any custom-specified target spectrum across the entire spectral range.

Any Spectrum, Any Time, One Solid-State Light Source!


Key Features

  • Arbitrary output spectrum
  • Software controlled
  • Solid state, high speed
  • Dynamically programmable
  • High stability
  • Excellent extinction ratio


As illustrated in Figure-1, Mightex Cubic-S is composed of the following modules: (1) An Optical Core Module; (2) A Controller Electronic Module; (3) An optional Spectrum Monitor; and (4) Control Software in the computer.

The Optical Core Module consists of 19 wavelength bands approximately evenly spaced between 395 nm and 700 nm. Light from different wavelength bands are combined in to a single output. The intensity of each band can be individually controlled to generate any custom-specified spectrum. Tuning resolution is10-bit and response time is 20ms.

The ‘spectrum tailored’ light is output from a 1000 µm-core, 0.22 NA multimode fiber. Total output power can be as high as 10 mW. Various optical adaptors (optional) are provided, which can be used to couple the output light into fiber-optic or liquid light guides.

Mightex Cubic-S is controlled through a powerful PC-based user interface. A software development kit (SDK) is also included so that users may integrate the light source into their own applications.

Also available is a spectrum monitoring option that allows users to monitor and control the output spectrum in real time.



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