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Vaporizers (RWD)

The best choice of scientific researchers and veterinary professionals for accurate delivery anesthesia system, R580 series vaporizers use medical design principles to ensure stable and accurate anesthesia delivery and is virtually unaffected by flow rate, temperature variations, duration of use, liquid level or back pressure fluctuation within its allowed range.

  • Automatic flow rate and temperature compensation.
  • Flow rate 0.2-10,000 cc/min and temperature 10-35 ℃ are allowed.
  • Safe and reliable tanks with ability of internal 50 kPa pressure resistant.
  • Output precise and adjustable concentration, and at least 120 ml liquid capacity.
  • Integrated safety lock to prevent unintentional engagement.
  • Large sight glass for at-a-glance liquid level monitoring.
  • Use with Isoflurane 0-5 % output or Sevoflurange 0-8 % output, and both pour-fill and easy-fill style are available for each vaporizer.



  • The built-in temperature compensator ensures the stable concentration of anesthesia gas at different temperatures and flow rates, the flow range is 0.2 - 10 L/min
  • Mixed anesthetia gas output pressure range △ P ≤ 2.5 kPa
  • Applicable temperature range: 10 - 35 ℃
  • Good tightness, internal 50 kPa pressure can be maintained, zero leakage, safe and reliable
  • Internal capacity is not less than 120 ml, and the range of vaporizer concentration is 0-5 % or 0-8 %)
  • Anti-accident open lock structure and closed state security protection structure to ensure safety
  • The average filling rate is greater than 2ml/s, and the dosing adapter can withstand the pressure of 0.1 mpa without leakage(Key Fill)


Order Information:

Cat No. Product Description   Remarks
R580S Vaporizer Type 1 for Isoflurane - Pour Fill Cagemount  
R581S Vaporizer Type 2 for Sevoflurane - Pour Fill Cagemount  
R582S Vaporizer Type 3 for Sevoflurane - Easy Fill Cagemount R582-01 Adaptor is included.
R583S Vaporizer Type 4 for Isoflurane - Easy Fil Cagemount R583-01 Adaptor is included.
R580SS Vaporizer Type 5 for Isoflurane - Pour Fill Selectatec  
R581SS Vaporizer Type 6 for Sevoflurane - Pour Fill Selectatec  
R582SS Vaporizer Type 7 for Sevoflurane - Easy Fill Selectatec R582-01 Adaptor is included.
R583SS Vaporizer Type 8 for Isoflurane - Easy Fil Selectatec R583-01 Adaptor is included.
R584S Vaporizer Type 9  - Key Fill Cagemount  
R585S Vaporizer Type 10 - Key Fill Cagemount  
R584SS Vaporizer Type 11 - Key Fill Selectatec  
R585SS Vaporizer Type 12 - Key Fill Selectatec  
R580-IO Vaporizer Endcaps (1 pair)    
R580-SA Vaporizer Suspension Assembly    

Note: R580-IO is not included in the vaporizer and should be purchased separately.



About RWD Anesthesia

RWD Life Science has been always dedicated to study and provide perfect and competitive inhalation anesthesia systems that have great practical value to the life science research community. Multiple complete solutions to different procedures in mice, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, monkey, pig etc. have been set up, which has remarkable and even exclusive advantages over existing system, for example:

  1. Precise and stable control of anesthetic agents output regardless of environmental changes like pressure, temperature and air flow within the specific limits.
  2. The miniaturized design like anesthesia machines and scavenging system helps to improve laboratory space utilization.
  3. Unique stereotaxic frame nosecone masks and cone masks with tiny sizes satisfy more delicate surgeries like craniocerebral and ophthalmological surgery, and at the same time minimize harmful exposure to the research subjects while connecting to evacuation system.
  4. The latest-designed waste gas evacuation system with weighing (Cat No.R546W) brings research subjects great convenience.
  5. Higher performance to price ratio helps research subjects to reduce their expense while maintaining successful research.
  6. High adsorption efficiency of activated charcoal filter canister (Cat No.R510-31 & R510-31S).

Advantages of Inhalation Anesthesia:

  1. Can offer an improved level of control over depth and duration of anesthesia, especially for prolonged procedures.
  2. To be relatively insoluble and faster elimination in blood enables rapid recovery.
  3. Be of rapid onset and offset with minimal side effects.
  4. Have little or no toxic effects thanks to non-metabolism characteristic of Sevoflurane and Isoflurane.
  5. Be more safer and efficient performance to reduce morbidity rates and increase the chance for successful outcomes.