R610 Table Top Anesthesia Machine


The R610 provides rapid control of anesthetic depth with little resistance to respiration, includes non-rebreathing circuit (for less than 7 kg animals) and cycled breathing circuit (for above 7 kg animals) delivery system.

  • Accommodates animals within body weight 50 kg, such as cats, dogs, monkeys, pigs etc.
  • Isoflurane or Sevoflurane vaporizer, and Pour-fill or Easy-fill style available.
  • Quick oxygen flush allows to rescuing animals during surgery.
  • Easy-to-view inhalation/exhalation valves allow easy monitoring of respiration for patient safety.
  • With scavenging/adjustable pressure limiting valve (APL) ranging from -20 to +120 cm H2O.
  • 1100 cc transparent CO2 adsorber allows you to view the state of the calcium lime.
  • Stable and precise oxygen flowmeter with 0.1-4 L/min scale, not affected by the gas supply fluctuation.
  • 1 L and 2 L breathing bags, two kinds of breathing circuits and adsorber included.



  • The built-in temperature compensator ensures the stable concentration of anesthetic gas at different temperatures and flow rates, the flow range is 0.2-10 L/min;
  • Mixed anesthetic gas output pressure range △P ≤ 2.5 kPa;
  • Applicable temperature range: 10-35 ℃;
  • Good tightness, internal 50 kPa pressure can be maintained, zero leakage, safe and reliable;
  • Internal capacity is not less than 120 ml, and the range of Isoflurane vaporizer concentration is 0-5 % (Sevoflurane: 0-8 %);
  • Anti-accident open lock structure and closed state security protection structure to ensure safety

Equipment: Manifold with 4 L/min O2 flowmeter, 1L and 2L breathing bags, and breathing circuit) , vaporizer, one pair of end caps, air hose, one gas canister and one set of endotracheal tubes are all included in the R610 series tabletop veterinary anesthesia machine.


Order Information:

Cat No. Product Description Configuration Remarks
R610IE Veterinary Anesthesia Machine,
Isoflurane, Easy Fill (customized)
R610IP Veterinary Anesthesia Machine,
Isoflurane, Pour Fill (customized)
R610SE Veterinary Anesthesia Machine,
Sevoflurane, Pour Fill (customized)
R610SP Veterinary Anesthesia Machine,
Sevoflurane, Pour Fill (customized)

● Recommended configuration
○ Optional



About RWD Anesthesia

RWD Life Science has been always dedicated to study and provide perfect and competitive inhalation anesthesia systems that have great practical value to the life science research community. Multiple complete solutions to different procedures in mice, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, monkey, pig etc. have been set up, which has remarkable and even exclusive advantages over existing system, for example:

  1. Precise and stable control of anesthetic agents output regardless of environmental changes like pressure, temperature and air flow within the specific limits.
  2. The miniaturized design like anesthesia machines and scavenging system helps to improve laboratory space utilization.
  3. Unique Stereotaxic Frame Nosecone Masks and Cone Masks with tiny sizes satisfy more delicate surgeries like craniocerebral and ophthalmological surgery, and at the same time minimize harmful exposure to the research subjects while connecting to evacuation system.
  4. The latest-designed waste gas evacuation system with weighing (Cat No.R546W) brings research subjects great convenience.
  5. Higher performance to price ratio helps research subjects to reduce their expense while maintaining successful research.
  6. High absorption efficiency of activated charcoal filter canister (Cat No.R510-31 & R510-31S).

Advantages of Inhalation Anesthesia:

  1. Can offer an improved level of control over depth and duration of anesthesia, especially for prolonged procedures.
  2. To be relatively insoluble and faster elimination in blood enables rapid recovery.
  3. Be of rapid onset and offset with minimal side effects.
  4. Have little or no toxic effects thanks to non-metabolism characteristic of Sevoflurane and Isoflurane.
  5. Be more safer and efficient performance to reduce morbidity rates and increase the chance for successful outcomes.