Mightex OASIS Implant

Platform for optogenetics and Ca²⁺ imaging

The OASIS Implant is a ground-breaking platform for simultaneous cellular-resolution optogenetics and calcium imaging in freely-behaving animals to probe complex neuronal networks

  • Freely-Behaving Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics
  • Multi-Region Investigation
  • Reconfigurable Platform
  • High-Quality Imaging with scientific Cameras


A Different Approach to Integrated Freely-Behaving Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics

To offer neuroscientists the ability to stimulate and visualize individual neurons in freely-behaving animals, Mightex’s engineers went back to the drawing board and pioneered a new path in the in vivo calcium imaging field. Instead of miniaturizing and placing the microscope on the animal – thereby limiting the microscope’s features and the animal’s behaviour –  keeping the microscope out of the animal’s head by making use of long and flexible imaging fibers.


How It Works

By keeping the microscope away from the animal’s head, the OASIS Implant accomplishes two main goals:

  1. Maximize Microscope Performance
    • Integrate Patterned Stimulation
    • Unlimited Illumination Sources
    • Scientific-grade Cameras
  2. Optimize Behavior
    Compact and up to 3× smaller Headmount
    No Electronics on the Head of the Animal

How it works

Mightex’s OASIS Implant is a ground-breaking microendoscopic system that is capable of all-optical simultaneous imaging and manipulation of neural activity (with single-cell resolution) in the deep brain of freely-behaving animals.

  • Interchangeable imaging fiber probes to accommodate different imaging/stimulation experiments
  • Furcated fiber probes for multi-region stimulation and imaging
  • Interchangeable cameras, compatible with both GECI and GEVI imaging
  • Reconfigurable platform for calcium imaging and optogenetics


Unique Reconfiguration Flexibility

The OASIS Implant is so far the only modular calium imaging and/or optogenetics platform on market that can be reconfigured to be able to perform different experiments as the need arises. Transition from single- to multi-wavelength experiments, or from calcium imaging to targeted optogenetics within one single system using the OASIS Implant.


Oasis Implant

OASIS Implant schematic (click on image to enlarge)


Modular platform OASIS Implant
Front View


Modular platform OASIS Implant
Back View





Access Multiple Brain Regions Simultaneously

We know neurons send long projections to different parts of the brain to establish connections that are not confined to the same region. Neuroscientists want to better understand the neuronal connections between different regions of the brain.

The OASIS Implant makes use a bifurcated imaging fiber that connects to 2 GRIN lenses, allowing researchers the ability to investigate two brain regions simultaneously.

Recording example (Video)



Manipulate Functional Neuronal Activity to Control Animal Behavior

To further dissect neural circuits in detail and discover the contribution of individual neurons to animal behavior, neuroscientists need a tool to perform cellular-resolution optogenetics in freely-behaving animals.

The OASIS Implant makes use of the capabilities of Mightex’s Polygon pattern illuminator to be able to illuminate regions within the field of view, allowing researchers to target individual neurons.

cellular-resolution optogenetics

Targeting individual neurons for optogenetic photostimulation using a Mighex Polygon illuminator device



Case Study:
Optogenetic Stimulation in a Cortical Region

Freely behaving targeted optogenetics using the Mightex OASIS Implant and Polygon

This video features the OASIS Implant being used in combination with Mightex’s Polygon to deliver targeted optogenetic stimulation to the cortex of a freely behaving mouse. When the optogenetic stimulation is localized within a specific region in the lower right quadrant the mouse responded with coordinated motor movements resembling a natural behavior. However, when the optogenetic stimulation is localized within a region in the upper right quadrant, the mouse exhibits a different behavior.



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