Implantable Microelectrode Arrays

(MEA) - MicroProbes


This unique Multielectrode Array (MEA) provides endless design alternatives for recording and stimulation protocols.

The design concept allows a large variety of configurations to cater specifically to the researcher’s application and experimental protocol.

User specify

  • Up to 32 penetrating microelecrodes per array for short-and long-term recording/stimulation.
  • Custom microelectrode length between 1-40 mm, including different length within an array.
  • Custom spacing between electrodes is in the range of 0.1 - 1mm
  • Custom microelectrode impedance for individual electrodes ranges between 10 kΩ - 5 MΩ.
  • Custom electrode tip diameter between 1 - 6 µm.
  • Custom reference and ground electrodes according to the researcher’s requirements.
  • Optionally integrated fiber optic and/or drug delivery cannula.
  • Parylene-C electrode insulation.
  • Pure Iridium is suggested for chronic stimulation studies.
  • Optional polyimide tubing for additional stiffness.



A chronically implantable, hybrid cannula-electrode device for assessing the effects of molecules on electrophysiological signals in freely behaving animals
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Characterization of neurons in the primate medial intraparietal area reveals a joint representation of intended reach direction and amplitude
To support accurate memory-guided reaching, the brain must represent both the direction and...

Feasibility of Visual Prosthesis
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Individual Differences in Human Auditory Processing: Insights From Single-Trial Auditory Midbrain
Auditory-evoked potentials are classically defined as the summations of synchronous firing along...

Robust tactile sensory responses in finger area of primate motor cortex relevant to prosthetic control
Challenges in improving the performance of dexterous upper-limb brain–machine...



How to order:

Please contact the manufacturer, MicroProbes directly for further specifications and ordering.  We would appreciate if you mention "Science Products" at any order or inquiry.


Online design forms

MEA - Micro Electrode Array

MEA for the EDDS Microdrive




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