Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia System for mice or rats (BioMedical Instruments)


The CO2 Euthanasia (CO2B-2) is a reliable box for pain- and anxiety-free euthanasia of small rodents according to the AVMA guideline.

Easy handling

  • all-in-one system, consists of a cover plate and the controller box
  • each cover fits to three standard cages
  • easy to clean and disinfect, controller box can be taken off the cover plate
  • intuitive graphical user interface with icons
  • three predefined volumes, three user defined volumes
  • just choose fill rate, volume and press start button to activate process


Low stress level

  • only the cover will be replaced, so small rodents remain in their own cage
  • noise reduction using a sound suppressor
  • homogeneous distribution of CO2 using a diffusor plate


Smart technology

  • automatic process controlled by micro-controller
  • integrated mass flow meter
  • battery-powered, power supply included
  • all function accessible via touch screen
  • safe CO2 release and stop via magnetic valve
  • acoustic alarm feature for finishing process or lack of CO2 


User friendly control:

set-up box size
main menu