16 channel electrode adaptor box (CED)

The CED 4002-8 and CED 4002-16 are passive electrode adaptor boxes to adapt 8 and 16 electrodes to the isolated inputs of the isolated pre-amplifier CED 1902. The electrode adaptor boxes are supplied with 1.5 mm touchproof electrode input terminals as standard. Sockets for connecting 2 mm electrode plugs can be made available on request. The outputs are taken via 1200 mm captive screened cables that are fitted with 6-pin DIN connectors to mate with the isolated input connectors on a set of CED1902s. Other cable lengths are available to special order.

Each channel arrives on three leads: positive, negative and the common reference. Switches on the adaptor box allow the negative input of each channel to be connected to either its own input connector or to the output of the buffer. There is a separate switch that connects a channel’s common input line to either its own input socket or to the global common input connector. When both switches of a channel are in the local position, that channel is isolated from all other channels.

The boxes are metal, to give screening for the electrode signals. They are connected to the screens of the output cables, and should not be connected to mains earth.

Weight / Dimensions:
3 kg     352 × 100 × 180 mm (W × H × D)

Note: Delivery time may exceed to 6 to 8 weeks if product not available in stock Hofheim.



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