Top-Box 2501-12

12 channel event expansions - the Event Expander (CED)


The Micro1401 is expanded by similar format cases that are fixed on top of the main case, with hidden internal electrical links.

Stand-alone 12-channel event expansion in addition to the 8 dedicated change of state inputs

The 2501-12 gives Spike2 12 extra event inputs. These new events are sampled using the Spike2 digital marker channel. Each event input generates an 8 bit digital code and the codes are recorded on the digital marker channel. The unit can be installed as either a Micro1401 top box, or free standing. Free standing units can be used with other types of 1401.

If you have this unit fitted, you must enable the digital marker channel, then each event will be recorded as a marker coded from 0 to 11. You can display these as separate channels in Spike2 by duplicating the channel for each event and setting the marker filter for the duplicated channel to show only one event code.

You can stack these units; each unit adds 12 more event channels. The 1401 will unload events from the unit in sequence, taking perhaps 10 µs (for a Micro1401) to unload an event. Events are unloaded in priority order with lower numbered event channels having the higher priority. If it is likely that you will have simultaneous events on multiple channels you must consider if the timing uncertainties will limit the number of channels you can use.




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