Top-Box 3001-9

Digital BNC connections - the Spike2 Expansion (CED)


The Micro1401 is expanded by similar format cases that are fixed on top of the main case, with hidden internal electrical links.

6 channels of event inputs and 6 digital outputs brought to front panel BNCs

In some applications, such as many uses of Spike2, the digital inputs and outputs are heavily used for signals. It is convenient to have more of these connectors available on the front panel as BNCs, which is achieved by this 3001-9 top box.

The safe working voltage range of the inputs is ±10 V, and they present an impedance of 47 kΩ, as with the front panel Event and Trigger inputs.

This top box has external connections to the digital input and output connectors of the main 1401, as well as internal ones, so the top box carries auxiliary connectors for these functions, which to the user, are identical with the original ones.

For Micro1401 mk 2, Micro1401-3, and Micro1401-4 only.




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