Talkers and the Talker Interface Box 4703

Talker Interface Box (CED)


The 4703 Talker Interface Box TIB acts as an interface between Spike2 and sensors that use an SPI or I2C interface, such as the InvenSense MPU9250. A TIB connects to the computer via a USB interface and is controlled by the TIBTalk program, which provides the Talker interface to Spike2. The TIB can be precisely time synchronised with a 1401 with a special cable connected to the rear panel of the 1401, or can free run, using the standard Talker time correction feature.

It is supplied with a data connector, the synchronising cable, a USB cable and the TIBTalk software.

Box size: 103 mm × 120 mm × 30.5 mm (W × D × H), powered from the USB cable.


CED Talkers

Spike2 together with a 1401 interface can sample waveform and timing pulse data from a wide variety of equipment. However, some types of measurement devices do not have such convenient outputs. Often the data they generate needs some computer processing to convert it into a useful format.

A Talker device interface is a program that allows us to take data streams from arbitrary devices in real time and add them into the Spike2 data file as if they were being sampled by the 1401. You can view the data from the device in the same way that you can view data sampled by the 1401 interface, with the same convenient viewing modes and data processing tools. The Talker device interface usually runs on the same machine as Spike2, but it can also run on a different computer, communicating with Spike2 via Ethernet. Multiple devices can be served by several Talkers.

The Spike2 end of the Talker handles the user interface to the data streams available from the device and can also save and restore device settings. It also deals with any time drift between different pieces of equipment, ensuring that the device data stays in sync with the 1401 data. The Talker device interface handles the connection between the computer and the device and tells Spike2 about the data streams that can be sampled.

CED has already written a number of Talkers for commonly-used equipment.

Talkers already available
Please visit the CED website for Talkers that are currently available.



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