Printer for Semen Straws (Minitube)


With counter that allows the digital preselection of the number of straws to be printed.

Prints on 0.5 ml, 0.25 ml and Minitube straws.

Print Speed: 5000 straws per hour


Available Models:

REF. 13140/0000 Manual Printer HDR

REF. 13142/1000 Automatic Printer AHDR



REF. 13052/0000 : Character Set for Printer for 0.5 ml and Minitube Straws

REF. 13052/0010 : Character Set for Printer for 0.25 ml Ministraws

REF. 13056/0033 : Printer ink ER black, 40 ml

REF. 13056/9000 : Ink thinner for ER ink, 1000 ml