Wireless Temperature Data Acquisition System (physitemp)

THERMES-USB-WFI - Wireless Temperature data acquisition system with optional battery pack, wireless reciver and optional laptop PC

The THERMES USB WFI is a Type T Thermocouple data acquisition system with a secure 2.4 GHz wireless link to its host computer at a distance of up to 100 feet.  Specifications for the device are the same as the THERMES USB except for its wireless capability.  The THERMES USB WFI includes a wireless receiver that is connected to the host computer via a USB port.  All communications between the host computer and THERMES pass through this device.  The THERMES USB WFI may be connected directly to the host computer via a standard USB port (from which it also draws its power) or operated remotely from the BP-1 battery pack.  A wall mounting USB power supply is also provided with THERMES USB WFI.



  • Turns any PC into a precision thermometer
  • 1 to 7 channels
  • ± 0.1 °C stability & clinical accuracy
  • 0.01 °C resolution
  • Reads up to 16 measurements per second
  • Input isolation for low leakage



Accuracy     ± 0.1 °C, ± 0.2 % of reading over ambient range, 15 to 35 °C

Stability     ± 0.1 °C

Resolution    0.01 °C

Range    -100 to +400 °C

Inputs     7 sub-miniature Type T thermocouple sockets

Speed    16 measurements per second maximum

Output    User selectable display formats, analog or digital readout, real-time graphics, ASCII-text file

Display    Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales, Differential, MinMax & Normal modes. Alarm thresholds independently configurable for all channels

Dimensions     9 ½" L × 6 ½" W × 1 ½ " H

Weight    0.7 kg or 1.5 lbs

Power Supply    5 V DC at 100 mA, powered by host computer or external supply


Requirements    Pentium class computer running Windows XP or 2000, 10MB hard drive space, CD-Rom drive and one open USB port

Interface       USB 2.0 (backwards compatible with USB 1.1)



OPT-1 Optical Link

10 meter USB optically isolated interface with medica grade power supply

A 10 meter optical cable is available with built in transmitter and receiver to allow the THERMES USB to be operated in full optical isolation from the host computer.  A medical grade isolated power supply is provided to power the optical transmitter and THERMES data acquisition system when used with this cable.  Alternatively, a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack, the BP-1, is available to maintain the THERMES-USB or THERMES-USB WFI totally isolated from the AC supply.


Operating Software

For customers who already have Dasylab no additional software is necessary. Recommended operating software is Dasylab Lite version 10.  The Lite version provides all the necessary functions to display and store temperature data in digital and graphical formats in real time.  Users may customize the display to suit their particular application.  The Dasylab Basic version provides additional features for data manipulation and statistical analysis.


BP-1 Li-Ion Battery Pack

External Li-Ion battery pack powering THERMES - Temperature data acquisition system

The model BP-1 Li-Ion battery pack is designed for use with the THERMES USB and THERMES USB WFI Type T temperature data acquisition systems.  It allows the data acquisition system to be operated for up to 100 h continuously without any additional power source.  The BP-1 provides either 16 V, 19 V or 5 V DC output to run either the THERMES or a laptop for an extended period of time. The power supply has a capacity of 130 watt hours allowing the THERMES to operate for up to 100 hours continuously.  Operating time with a laptop will vary from 3-4 hours in addition to the laptops fully charged normal running time.  The BP-1 may also be used with our OPT-1, opto-isolator cable with the adaptor cable provided.  A charge level indicator comprising four LEDs indicate remaining battery life.