Motorized X-Y Translator/System for Fixed-Stage Microscopes (Sutter Instrument)

The MT-2000 is a motorized microscope translator system including fixed-stage and manipulator supports. The modular design of the MT-2000 features free-standing columns that provide rock solid mounting for the tissue recording chamber and multiple micromanipulators. A two-axis rotary optical encoder (ROE) accepts user input to the motorized translator and can be placed in any convenient location in your setup.

The core of the MT-2000 system is the MT-800 stepper-motor driven X-Y translation table.  The motors are powered by a two-axis version of the popular MP-285 manipulator controller.  As in the MP-285, the controller and ROE give the user smooth, high-resolution control of motion.  In addition, the MT-800/2000 controller gives the user robotic control of movement and a serial computer interface.

MT-800 motorized translators are currently available for the Olympus BX-51WI, Nikon E600FN, Zeiss Axioskop 2 FS and the Leica DMLFS.

In the complete system, MT-2000, the recording chamber and micromanipulators are mounted on independent columns firmly affixed to the users vibration isolation table.  The chamber column options are also available.


Baseplate Dimensions    200 mm × 375 mm × 55 mm

Maximum Travel    22 - 23 mm

Maximum Load   50 kg

Weight    16 kg;  Mechanical controller   4.5 kg



0.250 µm coarse

0.050 µm fine