MT-75 Series

Gantry Style Micromanipulator Stands (Sutter Instrument)

For ultimate flexibility in positioning micromanipulators or other devices adjacent to your microscope, look to the MT-75 series stands. These unique gantry systems offer adjustable vertical and horizontal axes and up to 360 degrees of rotation. Your manipulator or other device will mount to the ¾ in thick aluminum cantilever which is dovetailed for secure positioning.  The cantilever assembly is mounted on a heavy 2 in diameter stainless steel post.  The post is supported within the same extruded aluminum tower used in our MT-70 stands.  The tower can be center mounted or edge mounted to the base-plate for an additional degree of positioning freedom.  Vertical positioning is achieved with an aluminum collar, which securely locks onto the steel post to fix the height of the system.  The MT-75 is suitable for use with most inverted microscopes, and can be adjusted from a minimum height of 220 mm to a maximum height of 319 mm.  The MT-75S is suitable for most upright scopes, and can be adjusted from 169 mm to 242 mm.  These systems are very stiff, deflecting approximately 2 µm per 25 mm rise with a 1.5 kg load at the end of the cantilever.

A quick lock mechanism allows easy unlocking and rotation of the post/cantilever assembly up to 320 degrees, then rotation back to the same positive stop position and locking in place (e.g.insertion and removal of microelectrodes fromheadstages).  Remove the positive stop and you have a full 360 degree rotation.  A Teflon washer contributes to the smooth rotation of the system.

The solid aluminum baseplate has through-holes on 1 in (25 mm) centers for mounting onto tables.  The cantilever has eighteen 1 in spaced 10-32 holes along the edges.



Baseplate     153 mm × 153 mm × 19 mm

Cantilever     64 mm × 204 mm × 19 mm


Total Stand Height

MT-75    Adjustable 220 mm to 319 mm

MT-75S    Adjustable 169 mm to 242 mm



MT-75    5.2 kg

MT-75S    4.5 kg