Three-axes Water Hydraulic micromanipulator (Narishige)

Highly recommended for patch clamping from the microscope stage side.

Employing the water hydraulic system, which has a lower coefficient of expansion due to temperature changes, this model offers precise movement while minimizing drift by incorporating a 1:5 cartridge. In addition, it integrates both coarse and fine manipulation capabilities by featuring a manual coarse manipulator for each axis. The drum type control unit has a large handle for precise operation and high linear repeatability. Overall, design considerations are focused on precision movement and stability over long periods of time. The WR-6 is outstandingly versatile: when setting up, it is attached using the bar, but independent setup using a magnetic stand is also possible, as is attachment to the side of the microscope stage with an adaptor.

Cartridge type 

Coarse movement range 
    X 18 mm, Y 18 mm, Z 18 mm

Fine movement range  
    2 mm (X, Y and Z)

Full rotation of knob 
    50 µm

Minimum Graduation 
    0.2 µm

    Control unit    W 115 × D 115 × H 132 mm, 1.6 kg
    Drive unit    W 110 × D 60 × H 140 mm, 0.4 kg

    B-9 Ball Joint, H-11 Electrode Holder, P-1A Height Adjustment Plate, Allen Wrench