One-Dimensional Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator (Narishige)

Pencil type manipulator, easily combined with three-dimensional manual manipulator.

This is a pencil type oil hydraulic micromanipulator designed for use with a three-dimensional manipulator. The drum type control unit is employed for space saving as well as for precise operation.

A long holder is also available when the electrode is not long enough to reach the sample, or when the operator wants to make the setting closer to the sample. Please contact the Science Products customer support for the details.


Accessory included
    Dedicated Electrode Holder

Length of hydraulic tubing
    1.5 m

Movement range
    Fine    10mm

Full rotation of knob
    500 µm

Minimum graduation
     2 µm

    Control unit     W 70 × D 115 × H 100 mm,  1.15 kg
    Drive unit    W 30 × D 20 × H 125 mm, 50 g