RC-27D, RC-27LD

Ultra Quiet Imaging Chambers for Slice Studies (Warner)

The RC-27D and RC-27LD are designed for applications requiring ultra quiet solution delivery.

  • Designed for tissue slice studies
  • RC-27LD includes slice support
  • Eliminates vibration associated with solution delivery
  • Allows multiplexed solution exchange without switching artifacts

Each chamber is supplied with a MAG-2 magnetic clamp for suction tubes, a magnetic perfusion tube holder, a tissue slice support, a package of #2 thickness glass coverslips (CS-24/60), 40/pkg, and 10 feet of PE-160 polyethylene tubing. The RC-27LD also includes a slice support. Slice anchors are sold separately.

The large imaging field in the RC-27D and RC-27LD allows for maximal observation of biological specimens with the addition of a sloped input. Advantages of this system over other chambers includes the presence of a sloped inflow channel which allows for smooth and "ultra-quiet" solution delivery.

The sloped input allows I-V type infusion lines to deliver drops at a fixed rate without the transfer of noise to the specimen field. In addition, multiplexed solution delivery is now possible without the potential for solution switching artifacts. This technology provides the capability of ultra-quiet solution exchange without transferring noise to either the system or to the image.

Ultra-quiet solution delivery while measuring from tissue slices is provided for by the inclusion of a slice support in the RC-27LD chamber. Slices are supported 0.5 mm above the chamber floor. Support threads are made of Lycra and thread spacing 0.5 mm.

The RC-27D requires a PM-7 platform while the RC-27LD requires a PM-7D platform. Both chambers also require a stage adapter to complete the assembly for mounting onto a microscope.

RC27LD and PM7D



Bath dimensions  (L × W × H)
    38 mm × 18 mm

Outer dimensions  (L × W × H)
    59.9 mm × 25.4 mm × 4.2 mm

Bottom coverglass
    24 × 60 mm