RC-24, RC-24E

Fast Exchange Diamond Bath Chambers (Warner)

The RC-24 and RC-24E chambers allow for very fast solution exchange for a variety of applications.  These recording chambers feature the smallest bath volumes of Warner's open style chambers.

  • Designed for physiological measurements of cell cultured coverslips
  • Applications include patch clamp, imaging, and intracellular/extracellular recordings
  • Diamond shaped bath provides laminar solution flow
  • Both perfusion and aspiration ports on same side of chamber
  • Very small bath volume facilitates very fast solution exchange

The bath volume in these models is among the smallest of the open style chambers. This enables very fast solution exchange for a variety of applications, including patch clamp and electrophysiology studies. The small bath volumes are especially useful when using drugs in small quantities.

The floor of these chambers can be formed from either a 22 mm square coverslip or from a 22 mm × 40 mm rectangular coverslip. Each chamber requires a platform (P-1, PH-1, or PM-1) and a stage adapter to complete the assembly for mounting on a microscope. 

  RC-24 RC-24E
Material Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Bath dimension
(L × W × H)
15 × 5 × 3.8 mm 15 × 6 × 3.8 mm
Volume, by depth 40 μl/mm 50 μl/mm
Bottom coverglass 22 × 40 mm 22 × 40 mm
Input tubing
(ID × OD)
1.14 × 1.57 mm
1.14 × 1.57 mm
Aspirator coupling 1.67 mm (OD) 1.67 mm (OD)