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Lightguide-coupled Pattern Illuminator, larger field of view


Fiber-coupled Lightguide-coupled Pattern Illuminator, ...

Mightex OASIS Implant

Platform for optogenetics and Ca²⁺ imaging

Mightex OASIS Implant ROAM

Rotation Adaptive Mechanism for OASIS

Deep-Brain Headmount

for Mightex OASIS Implant

Mightex Polyscan

Mightex Polyscan Software for Polygon systems

Mightex Multi-Port Illuminator

Combining Wide-Field and Patterned Illumination

Mightex OASIS Macro

Mesoscope for Optical Imaging and Targeted Optogenetics

Mightex OASIS Micro

In Vivo Celluar Resolution Optogenetics and Imaging ...

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