npi EXT 10-2F

Extracellular Amplifier / Filter Module

EXT amplifiers from npi are designed for low noise recordings of extracellular electric signals. All amplifiers are designed as modular systems to enable customized signal processing configurations. Models include: analog displays for potential, variable gain up to 10k, offset and capacity compensation and tunable highpass/lowpass filters. Most systems are equipped with a small headstage with high impedance differential inputs to suppress noise and other distortions.

The EXT 10-2F has a differential input with high input resistance to avoid noise and the incoming signal can be processed in several ways, optionally including elimination of 50 Hz or 60 Hz noise respectively using a four pole notch filter. The output voltage signal is available either filtered with variable gain or unfiltered with an amplification factor of ten. The system consists of a module for the EPMS-07 system and a small headstage.

Two LEDs indicate whether the amplifier is running out of its linear range and an analog balance monitor makes the control of offsets easy.

Headstage for npi´s extracellulary amplifier