Micromanipulator (Narishige)

Incorporating a sub-stage for fine manipulations in the Y-axis

This model combines sub-stage M-1, which allows fine movement manipulations in the Y-axis, with the MP-1 micromanipulator, which is only for manipulation with × and Z movement. This allows three-dimensional movement in addition to this versatile model's numerous other functions, which include an easy-to-use tilting stand and pivot/tilt mechanisms.



* GJ-10 magnetic stand (sold separately) can be attached to the tilting stand.



Accessories included
    H-1 Electrode Holder
    Allen Wrench

Movement range
    Coarse    X 60 mm, Z 50 mm
    Fine    X 4 mm, Z 4 mm
    Full rotation of knob: 250 µm
    Minimum graduation: 10 µm

    Y 40 mm
    Full rotation of knob: 500 µm
    Minimum graduation: 10 µm

Pivot and tilt mechanism

    W 150 × D 130 × H 210 mm, 4.8 kg