Ultra Quiet Imaging Chambers (Warner)

JG-23 Series chambers have a special sloped surface and bath atrium that enables ultra quiet solution delivery.

Eliminates vibration associated with solution exchange

Incorporates Warner's diamond fluidics

Multiplexed solution delivery is possible without the potential of solution switching artifacts

The JG-23 has been designed especially for those researchers planning multiple solution changes while attempting to maintain a tight focus on the specimen during an optical experiment. The design of this chamber eliminates all vibrations associated with solution exchange that could cause specimens or optical fields to fluctuate during recordings.

The JG-23 incorporates the same advanced design as the Series 20 diamond-shaped bath chambers. A large imaging field allows for maximal observation of biological specimens with the addition of a sloped input. The advantages of this system over other chambers are that the sloped inflow allows for a smooth and 'ultra-quiet' delivery of solution to the chamber.

The input slope permits the use of I-V type infusion lines to deliver drops at a fixed rate to the chamber without the transfer of noise to the specimen field. In addition, multiplexed solution delivery is possible without the potential of solution switching artifacts.

JG-23 chambers require a platform (P-1, PH-1 or PM-1) to complete the assembly for mounting onto a microscope.

Each chamber includes two magnetic plates, a magnetic perfusion tube holder, one pack of #1 thickness coverslips (CS-22/50, 22x50 mm, 85/pkg), and 10 ft of polyethylene (PE-150) tubing.



  JG-23N/HP JG-23W/HP JG-23W/LP
Material Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Bath dimensions (L × W) 6.3 × 21 mm 15.2 × 24 mm 15.2 × 24 mm
Volume, by depth 128 µl* 238 µl* 238 µl*
Bottom coverglass 22 × 50 mm 22 × 50 mm 22 × 50 mm
OD (L × W × H) 50 × 23 × 4 mm 50 × 23 × 4 mm 50 × 23 × 4 mm

*Volumes are for 1 mm solution height