Temperature Controlled Freezing Stages for Microtomes (Physitemp)
Physitemp BFS-Series - Temperature Controlled Freezing Stages for MicrotomesBFS-30MP System shown with optional Leica SM2000R Microtome
  • Frozen tissue sections from any microtome
  • Fast freezing preserves cell detail
  • Freeze to temperatures as low as (up to) -40 °C
  • Temperature adjustable for optimum cutting
  • Quick thaw for easy cleanup
  • No CO2 needed-minimalcost to run

Physitemp's BFS-Series of temperature con­trolled freezing stages incorporates a wide range of several instruments. The new line of temperature con­trolled freezing stages has innovative features at a lower cost than older TC series controllers. These controllers are designed around a new generation of switch­ing power supplies which are smaller and lighter than the older BFS supplies. The sup­plies are overated 100 % to ensure cool opera­tion and continuous service.


Technical features include: 

  • 110 V and 220 V operation by switch selection
  • Temperature control to within 0.5 °C in the range of -35 °C to ambient. The BFS-40MPA even from -40 °C to ambient temperature.
  • Thaw switch to quickly defrost frozen samples
  • Safety features include overtemperature alarm with power shut down in the event of inadequate flow of cooling  water or overuse of the thaw feature
  • Controller incorporates fan assisted internal cooling to maintain low internal tempera­tures
  • Continuous display of both set and run tem­peratures
  • Simple temperature control setup
  • Auxiliary switched AC output for acces­sories ( option P.I.D. microprocessor based temperature controller with autotuning feature and sensor breakage warning
  • Combined carrying handle with adjustable base for convenient adjustment of display viewing angle


Optional Accessories: 

  • ECV-1 Electrically Operated Solenoid Valve - enables the user to activate the tap water supply with the controller power switch
  • PTU-3 Pump and Tank Unit - a closed loop water system for installations where an external water source is not available