Heat Wave (HW-30)

Temperature Controller (Dagan)
Dagan HW-30 single channel temperature controllerHW-30 single channel temperature controller

The Heat Wave (HW-30) is an ideal microscope heating temperature controller



  • Low Noise: Internal DC Power supply outputs only heavily filtered DC to Heating Stage
  • High Power: (30 watts) Fast temperature steps. Able to maintain temperature during fast perfusion
  • Accurate Temperature Control: 20 °C to 50 °C with stability of ± 0.2 °C or better
  • Exact fit to microscopes: Adapter plates mate Heating Stage to almost any microscope
  • Pre-Heats Perfusion solutions: Unique Dove Tail Groove in Heating Stage allows perfusion lines to run through heating stage before entering bath chamber
  • Two Heating Stages: For use with 35mm culture dishes or with Dagan Recording Chambers
  • System Gain Control: Allows user interface to adjust system gain to the application


                 HW-30 with HW-101 Heating Stage



Dagan HW-230

                 HW-230 dual channel temperature controller




HW-30    HEAT WAVE 30 Watt Heater Controller

HW-230     Two channel Heater Controller (30 watts per channel)

HW-B    Optional Battery input jacks (allows HW-30 to be run from 12V Battery)

HW-101    Heating Stage for use with 35 mm Culture Dish

HW-104    Heating Stage for use with Dagan Recording chambers

ADPT    Adapter Plate to mount heater stages to microscope (Indicate microscope model)

TH-30    Spare Thermister for HW-30



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