Temperatur Measurement and Control Systems (npi electronic)

npi's temperature measurement and control systems utilize small electronically compensated temperature sensors (thermistors, PT 100, c thermocouples). In addition, external temperature measuring instruments with analog outputs can be connected via BNC connectors. The standard calibration of the temperature inputs and outputs is 10 mV / °C (other calibrations are available). Control algorithms give precise temperature control to within typically 0.2 °C.

All systems (except MPS-20) can be operated in three modes: DIRECT: output voltage is set directly from the set-point digital control (0 - 100 %); no feedback. CONTROL: closed loop control using the internal temperature sensors. EXTERN: closed loop control using an external thermometer.


Systems are designed for a large variety of applications:

TC 10 /20 series: Temperature controller (one or two channels, 19" cabinet) for "in vitro" recording chambers using resistive heaters (up to 12 V and 2.5 A / 2 A). These systems are equip­ped with two temperature sensors.

PTC 10 / 20 series: Peltier element tem­perature control units for heating and cooling purposes (one or two chan­nels, 19" cabinet) with bipolar high power outputs (up to ± 15 V and 5 A / 3 A). These systems are equip­ped with two temperature sensors.

MTC series: Small, low cost, single channel controllers (small desktop cabinet), for heating purposes. Featuring two temperature sensors and two displays for different measure points. Output power is 12 V / 1 A. MPS series: Small, low cost single channel DC power supply (desktop cabinet), designed for microscope stage applications. These systems have a high power, low-noise DC adjustable output (1.5 -12 V / 2.5 A) and can be used in conjunction with TC or MTC systems for powering heating devices like objective lens heaters o pre-heater perfusion systems directly.

All systems use digital displays that show the actual and desired temperature and the output voltage at the power output. In addition analog inputs and output (10 mV / °C or customized calibration make possible the connection to computerized data acquisition and stimulate systems. Battery powered remote thermometers (PT 100 or thermocouple inputs) can also be added.

Each system is equipped with two electronic protection systems: Sensor input alarm: an electronic shut-off function disconnects the output if the sensor is disconnected, broken or short-circuited (indicated by a red ALARM lamp).
Output protection: the maximum output power is limited electronically; all power outputs are short-circuit protected.


Selection and Options:

TC-10:             One channel temperature controller system (heat only) with two temperature sensor inputs, 19" rack mountable cabinet

TC-20:             Two channel temperature controller system (heat only), 19" rack mountable cabinet

PTC-10:           One channel temperature controller for Peltier elements (heat and cool), 19" rack mountable cabinet

PTC-20:           Two channel temperature controller for Peltier elements (heat and cool), 19" rack mountable cabinet

MTC-20 / 2S:   One channel temperature controller system (heat only) with two temperature sensor inputs for microscope stages, desk-top cabinet

MPS-20:          One channel low-noise DC power supply for microscope stages and accessories, desk-top cabinet



MODE of operation switch: selects tem­perature sensor (SENSOR A, SENSOR B or EXT. SENSOR) for the control loop (controlled operation), or sets system to DIRECT mode (no control), where the output voltage is set directly on the SETPOINT control.

SENSOR (A, B): input connectors for tem­perature sensors A / B with electronic protec­tion and alarm / shut-off circuit. Standard sensors are thermistors 2252 Ω @ 25 °C, accuracy is typically 0.1 °C @ 25 °C; other sensor configurations (PT100) available by request.

EXT. SENSOR: BNC connector for an exter­nal thermometer that can be used for the control loop (sensitivity 1 mV / °C).

DIGITAL DISPLAY: 3 1/2 digits, XX.X °C (tem­perature of SENSOR A or B) or XX.X V (voltage at POWER OUTPUT).

COMAND INPUT: 10 mV / °C, via BNC connector.

DESIRED TEMPERATURE control: ten-turn control (MTC-20 / 2S) or digital control (TC-XX, PTC-XX) XX.X °C or 0 -100% of output voltage (DIRECT mode).

TEMPERATURE OUTPUT (A, B): output sig­nals from sensors A or B, 10 mV / °C, via BNC connector, output impedance 250 Ω.

POWER OUTPUT  (standard): 12 V / 1 A (MTC-20 / 2S), 12 V / 2.5 A (TC-10, MPS-20), 12 V / 2 A (TC-20), ± 15 V / 5 A (PTC-10);  ± 15 V / 3 A (PTC-20), for each channel; other ranges by request, short circuit protected, continuous DC.

LIMITER: control for the maximum output voltage with a linear range from 0 - 100 %.

Control: PI (proportional-integral) controller, accuracy typically ± 0.2 °C, gain range 10 -10 000, integration time 50 ms - 20 s (logarithmic scale).

Measuring accuracy: typically 0.1 °C @ 25°C.

ALARM and shut-off system: disconnects power output in control mode using sensor A or B if the measured temperature is below 1 - 2 °C (not connected or broken sensor) above 45 °C (short circuited sensor).

Power requirements: 115 / 230 V AC, 25VA (MTC-20 / 2S), 80 VA (TC-10, MPS-20), 120 VA (TC-20), 160 VA (PTC-10), 225 VA (PTC-20). 


Dimensions and weights

MTC-20 / 2S and MPS-20: desktop cabin 246x260x90 mm, cooling element on re panel, 2.5 kg.

TC-XX: 19" rackmount cabinet, 19" (483 mm) 10" (250 mm), 3.5" (88 mm), 4 kg - 5 kg.

PTC-XX: 19" rackmount cabinet, 19" (483 mm) 14" (360 mm), 3.5" (88 mm), 8 kg - 10 kg.