Motorized Stereotaxic Microinjector (Narishige)

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Simple designed and easy-to-use motorized injector for intracerebral injection.

Ideal for local injection.


Frequently used syringe data (Hamilton, inner diameter and volume) are preset. The input operation is very easy to complete: select the syringe to use, enter the injection volume and time. The flow-rate is automatically calculated and displayed from the entered value. The digital display shows the injection status at a glance. All operation keys can be operated intuitively by icons based on easy-read size and layout. A connection bar is included for attaching it with stereotaxic micromanipulator. Depending on the orientation and position of injector, the mounting method is selected from two ways of using the bar: by a screw-in or a newly added mounting bracket. By adopting a large retainer for plunger button, it enables easier fixation even if the plunger is thin, and finally the syringe can be held with a flip of dedicated retainer.

Picture: st-up example. 

Syringe, stereotaxic instrument, and stereotaxic micromanipulator are sold separately.

The IMS-30 is recommended to use with SMM series; robust micromanipulators.

By using the Connecting Cable 7m (for MD system) MD-DCE-7, the distance between the control unit and the drive unit can be changed to 7m.


Hamilton's Syringes:

No. Inner Diameter Volume Hamilton's syringe code
1 0.103 mm 0.5 µl 7000.5
2 0.146 mm 1 µl 7001, 7101
3 0.206 mm 2 µl 7002, 7102
4 0.330 mm 5 µl 7105
5 0.343 mm 5 µl 75
6 0.461 mm 10 µl 1701
7 0.485 mm 10 µl 701
8 0.729 mm 25 µl 702, 1702
9 1.030 mm 50 µl 705, 1705
10 1.458 mm 100 µl 710, 1710
11 2.304 mm 250 µl 725, 1725
User Direct Input Direct Input own syringes

*The parameters of Hamilton syringes shown above are preset in the reference table.

Inner diameter and volume of syringe can be input directly for using other syringes not prepared in the reference table; when you input the inner diameter and volume directly, you can use a syringe except the built-in syringes in reference table.



Accessories included     Power Cord (1.5 m)
Connecting Cable (2 m)
Drive source     5-phase Stepping Motor
Movement range     60 mm
Working voltage     AC100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption     15 W
Dimensions/Weight     Drive unit     W 47.5 × D 82.5 × H 156.5 mm, 456 g
Control unit     W 180 × D 260 × H 95 mm, 2.5 kg


Loadable syringes must be from ø 6.5 mm to less than ø 9 mm in outer diameter. (Sold separately.)