Compact Spinal Cord Clamps, for Rats (Narishige)

Used with stereotaxic instruments for one AP frame bar type in the SR series, this device is designed to facilitate manual manipulation of spinal cord clamps in order to safely and gently clamp the rat spinal cord. It provides with a mechanism to raise or lower clamps for position adjustment or lifting.

The device is equipped with 4 individual clamp fixtures to accommodate a rat. The inside 2 spinal clamps have rounded edges to fit with the spinal cord while the outside 2 clamps have jagged (saw-toothed) edges, which permits flexible use depending on the purpose and where to clamp.

Each moving part employs a manipulator-derived dovetail mechanism that ensures smooth movement without play or looseness. Simple one-touch locking system ensures secure fixation without looseness. Provided with a mechanism to raise or lower all 4 clamps at a time for position adjustment or lifting. The large-sized handle permits fine adjustment. Each clamp fixture is independently adjustable in the vertical direction for fine positioning.


Accessories included:

Connecting Rings
Hex Wrench  W205 × D140 × H95 ~ 125mm, 1.18kg



W 205 × D 140 × H 95-125 mm
Weight   1.18 kg