MRI-compatible stereotaxic instruments for mice

MRI measurement can be performed in stereotaxic fixation if this 100 % plastic head holder is detached from its base plate

Based on Narishige's long-established SR series, these stereotaxic instruments are designed specifically for mice and is equipped with various functions to fix the head more firmly. The auxiliary ear bar allows clamping actions to be smoothly manipulated with just one hand, letting the operator fix the external auditory canal and check the fixation firmness with the fingertips. The mouth and nose fixing clamp features a slim, compact design appropriate for the mouth of a small mouse, making it easy to confirm that the teeth are fixed firmly. In addition, the instruments allow easy back/forward and up/down position adjustment. An AP frame bar is provided, to which many different types of accessories can be attached along with the attached micromanipulator. The SRP-5M-HT2 have one AP frame bar, while SRP-6M-HT2 have two.

Accessories included
EB-3B  Ear Bars for Mice (in a pair)
EB-5N  Auxiliary Ear Bar for Mice

Stereotaxic micromanipulators such as SM-15 are sold separately.

Dimensions, Weight
SRP-6M-HT2     W 400 × D 300 × H 110 mm, 8.5 kg