Fusion 100

Infusion-only system designed for precise laboratory fluid delivery

Fusion Touch (Chemyx)

  • high-precision fluid dosing
  • wide flow ranges
  • syringe manufacturer independent
  • constant and variable flow
  • USB, RS232, TTL for PC control

Hybrid Touchscreen and Keypad Interface

Set any parameter through a familiar "windows" like environment and change settings from syringe ID, flow rate, volume, and delay time. Syringe dimensions can also be loaded from an internal syringe library stored on the pump. Dual entry modes allow users to wear gloves and still operate the system.

Both keypad and screen are coated with solvent-resistant PP coating for operational durability under laboratory environments.

Simple and Smart Advanced Flow Control

The new Fusion touch syringe pump has one of the newest ARM processors, allowing it to load/save methods, control motor force, and run an array of complex flow profiles.

Users can program in (without a PC):
Constant flows
Variable/Punctuated flow profiles
Gradient flows
Advanced loops
*Or mix and match in our highly flexible interface.

Technical Specifications:

Fusion 100
Flow Rate:
Minimum: (10μl syringe) 0.0001 μl/min
Maximum: (60 ml syringe) 102 ml/min
Linear Force: 35 lbs with variable force selection
Step Resolution: 0.098 microns

Fusion 200
Flow Rate:
Minimum (10μl syringe): 0.0001 μl/min
Maximum (60 ml syringe): 61 ml/min
Linear Force: 50 lbs with variable force selection
Step Resolution: 0.046 microns

Fusion 400
Flow Rate:
Minimum (0.5 μl syringe): 2 pl/min
Maximum (10 ml syringe): 10 ml/min
Linear Force: 50 lbs with variable force selection
Step Resolution: 0.016 microns

Computer Control:  USB 2.0 port or RS232 COM port
Display:  4.3-inch (diagonal) wide screen touch display
Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC: 50/60 Hz
Size (WxDxH) / Weight:  241mm x 165mm x 114mm / 3kg
Atmospheric Specifications
Operating Temperature: 4°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C to 70°C
Humidity: 20% to 80% RH, non-condensing