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Isolated Stimulator (npi)


Extracellular, Intracellular and Patch Clamp Amplifier ...


Extracellular Loose-Patch Amplifier with Differential Input ...

npi SEC Series

High Speed Precision Time-Sharing Single Electrode ...

npi BA-01X

Bridge mode amplifier for intracellular recording (npi)

npi BA-03X

Intracellular Bridge Mode and Extracellular Amplifier

npi Turbo TEC Series

Amplifiers for studying large membrane currents

npi EPMS Series

Plug-in Units Versatile Recording and Signal Processing ...

npi BRAMP-01M

Bridge Amplifier for Intracellular Recording and Current ...

npi EXT-10C

Fast Extracellular amplifier, EPMS module

npi EXT 10-2F

Extracellular Amplifier / Filter Module

npi EXT-08

8-Channel Extracellular Amplifier Module

npi EXT-16

16-Channel Extracellular Amplifier System

npi SEC-03M

Clamp amplifier module for experiments with sharp ...

npi HVC-03M

High Voltage Clamp Module for current injection into cells

npi ELC-03M

Amplifier module for loose-patch, extracellular and ...

npi PA-01GX

Single channel Pre-Amplifier module

npi PA-2S

Dual channel pre-amplifier module

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