Stainless steel wire, PFA coated

So-called "Teflon coating". Wire, Type 316 steel, in various degrees of hardness.


Available in:

  • Annealed - flexible; yield strength 760-965 MPa (110-140 ksi)
  • Half hard - semi elastic; tensile strength 1070-1280 MPa (155-185 ksi).
  • Full hard- elastic; tensile strength 1480-1690 MPa (215-245 ksi)

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PFA coated Wire
Stainless Steel



Bare Wire diameter

Coated diameter


30 m

50.8 µm

110 µm


30 m

76.2 µm

140 µm


30 m

127 µm

200 µm

SS-8T *

30 m

203 µm

280 µm


30 m

254 µm

330 µm


* Annealed or Full Hard only

Annealed, Full, and Half Hard are descriptive terms for the way the wire was cured in the drawing process. Each of these techniques will help yield different tensile strengths given in thousands of pounds per square inch (ksi or kPSI). The main points to think about are that the higher the ksi the more brittle the wire is but the better it retains its shape. The high ksi wire is good for making straight electrodes that need to penetrate through tissue. The low ksi is a softer more flexible wire, it is less likely to break if you repetitively bend the wire. This low ksi wire is good for making twisted pair electrodes.


What are PFA?

PFA or perfluoroalkoxy alkanes are fluoropolymers,which have been developed based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). In lab jargon PFA coating is often falsely referred "Teflon coating", implying that the actual coat would be PTFE, which looks very similar. Compared to PTFE, PFA have better anti-stick properties, higher chemical resistance on expense of a lesser scratch resistance. PFA are preferred when extended service is required in hostile environments involving chemical, thermal, and mechanical stress. (see Wikipedia)

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