XenoWorks™ Micromanipulator (Sutter Instrument)


The XenoWorks Micromanipulator has been designed around our hugely-successful MP-285 electrophysiology micromanipulator, with the addition of a smooth-moving adjustable inverted joystick. Because the motor drive is based on an electrophysiology design, the XenoWorks Micromanipulator is extremely stable and resistant to ambient vibration. This stability also makes this manipulator an ideal platform for use in conjunction with the PrimeTech PMM-150FU Piezo Impact Drive, for applications such as mouse nuclear transfer and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. The joystick offers an unprecedented level of user comfort during operation. The use of an inverted joystick in conjunction with an almost zero-profile base allows the operator to rest their hands and forearms on the bench surface, providing ease of use and added ergonomics. The function keys and declutch mechanism can be located and activated by touch, removing the need to look away from the microscope, which will save time.

Another time saving feature is the “Setup” function. Activating the setup function places the micromanipulator in the optimum position prior to beginning work (halfway on the Y-axis, three-quarters down on the Z-axis and three-quarters inwards on the X-axis). Once the manipulator is in the default setup position, the micropipette tip will be positioned within the microscope’s optical path, reducing the time required find the pipette tip through the microscope. The setup function also ensures an adequate travel range in all axes of motion prior to starting work. The manipulator uses a pre-programmed “Home” position for fast micropipette exchange, and the ability to determine a “Work” position so the pipette can be repositioned with the press of a button. A Y-axis lockout function allows X-only axial movement for maximum control during injections, and a Z-limit memory position is used to prevent the pipette from colliding with the bottom of the dish. The XenoWorks joystick is designed to allow the user to immediately develop an intuitive feel that makes it easy to precisely control position. Movement of the joystick is directly converted to a proportional movement of the manipulator. Speed control, center of travel, and programmable positions are right at your fingertips. One unique feature of the joystick is the declutch mechanism that allows for rapid repositioning of the joystick withut moving the pipette. Combining this advanced joystick with the proven Sutter MP-285 manipulator technology creates an ideal system for intensive microinjection.



  • Pronuclear microinjection of DNA into mouse zygote
  • Embryonic stem cell transfer into blastocyst
  • Somatic cell nuclear transfer
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Piezo-assisted sperm-mediated transgenesis and nuclear transfer
  • Adherent cell microinjection



  • Height- and tension-adjustable inverted joystick for optimal ergonomics
  • Exceptionally smooth and responsive micropipette movement
  • Touch declutch mechanism
  • 6 speeds from coarse to ultra-fine
  • User definable memory positions, including “Work” and z-axis lower limit
  • Y-axis lock-out for pure x-axis travel
  • 25 mm of travel in all three axes



    Travel        25 mm on all three axes
    Maximum Resolution    62.5 nm/microstep
    Maximum Speed     5.5 mm/s

  Inverted joystick with integral declutch
  Height and resistance adjustable
  Independent axis-polarity inversion
  6-position rotary range control
  'Set-up' function
  Position memory
  1 user-defined set point ("Work")
  1 user-defined axis limit ("Z-floor)
  2 preset points ("Home’" and ‘"Setup")

Maxmimum Motor Speed    5.5 mm/s
Travel Range           25 mm

    Motor drive     112 mm × 185 mm × 145 mm
    Joystick         265 mm × 240 mm × 226 mm
    Control        407 mm × 280 mm × 101 mm

Electrical   115/230 V,  50/60 Hz