Dagan PC ONE

Patch- / Whole-Cell-Clamp Amplifier (with Bilayer function)


  • Can do Patch or Whole Cell with optional Dual Range
  • PC-ONE-60 Remote Switchable Headstage
  • 3 ½ Digit LCD Panel Meter
  • Telegraphs for GAIN and FILTER
  • 10 MΩ Headstage for Large Whole Cells
  • Auto Zero with SEARCH and HOLD capability
  • Unfiltered and Filtered Im Output
  • Low Noise, High Speed
  • Built in Leakage Subtraction
  • Popular 50:1 and 10:1 Command Inputs
  • Voltage/Current or Zero Current Mode from External Control
  • Five position 3-pole Low Pass Bessel Filter
  • Offsets up to ± 300 mV
  • Two Value Test Generator for pipette and seal resistance
  • Eight Output Gains

The PC-ONE accepts SEVEN types of Headstages to give you the EXACT Headstage for your Application:

10 MΩ Large Whole Cell (to 1000 nA) (Model # PC-ONE-10) 100 MΩ Whole Cell (to 100 nA) (Model # PC-ONE-20) 1 GΩ Small Whole Cell (to 10 nA) (Model # PC-ONE-30) 10 GΩ Patch (to 1 nA) (Model # PC-ONE-40) * 10 GΩ Bilayer (Model # PC-ONE-50) 100 MΩ /10 GΩ Dual Range Whole Cell/Patch (Model # PC-ONE-60) 2 V Command for VOLTAMMETRY (10 MΩ through 10 GΩ) (Model # PC-ONE-70)
* PC-ONE-40 is supplied if no headstage is specified

CELL ATTACHED (SINGLE CHANNEL) PATCH CLAMPING - The 10 GΩ standard Headstage (PC-ONE-40) or the optional Dual Range Headstage (PC-ONE-60) allow for low noise (0.30 pA rms) recording. Ease of use was paramount with the PC-ONE design team. The PC-ONE is equipped with the standard "Auto Zero" or HOLD Junction Potential Correction as well as a continuous SEARCH capability. The FILTER has five ranges suitable for all modes of operation.

WHOLE CELL VOLTAGE AND CURRENT CLAMPING - The PC-ONE handles three ranges of whole cell headstages for currents up to 1000 nA (10 MΩ feedback). Standard LEAKAGE subtraction/compensation allows you to quickly adjust for leak errors on-line during an experiment.

VOLTAMMETRY (ELECTROCHEMICAL) APPLICATIONS - A special headstage with a ±2 volt command range allows the PC-ONE to "voltage clamp" a carbon-fiber electrode so that extracellular concentrations of various neurotransmitters can be measured at any specified oxidation/reduction potential. Headstages can be specified with 10 MΩ, 100 MΩ, 1 GΩ, or 10 GΩ feedback sensing resistors (i.e., 1000 nA down to 1 nA full scale sensitivities).

PLANAR LIPID BILAYER RECORDING - A special Bilayer headstage (10 GΩ feedback resistor) not only allows applications to 500 pF Bilayers, but it also allows you to "short" the Bilayer during the onset of a step command to "quick charge" the Bilayer capacitance. A unique 10 GΩ (Bilayer) position on the Headstage Selector switch modifies the Capacitance Compensation from the normal 10 pF Patch application to the 500 pF Bilayer application.

EASY MODE CONTROL - Selectable Voltage Clamping and both Current Clamping with Command or Zero Command (protects cells when changing modes). A connector on the rear panel allows external computer control of modes. Two LED's indicate the mode selected.

EASY COMPUTER INTERFACING - The PC-ONE rear panel has a 15-pin connector that easily unplugs, breaking Input/Output connections (optional I/O cable). Thus if desired Im, FILTERED Im, Vm and VTOT can be disconnected very conveniently. The rear panel also contains the headstage connector, chassis/circuit ground jacks, Buz-1, Speed Test Input BNC, Test SYNC BNC, Gain and Filter Telegraph BNC'S, and the power cord interlock.



Noise: (PC-ONE-40 10 GΩ headstage)
1.0 kHz Bandwidth, 0.06 pA rms; 3.0 kHz Bandwidth, 0.10 pA rms;
5.0 kHz Bandwidth, 0.16 pA rms; 10 kHz Bandwidth, 0.30 pA rms.

Capacity Compensation:
Fast: 0 to 1 µs Slow: 0 to 1 ms (Patch)

Range: 10 pF Patch; 100 pF Whole Cell; 500 pF Bilayer

Series Resistance Compensation:
0 to 100 MΩ, ten turn dial (all whole cell ranges)

Filter: 100, 300, 1k, 3k, 10 kHz Low Pass Bessel Filter (3 pole)

Gain: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 amplification (b) of Im signal with headstage scale factor (a) of 0.1, 1, 10, 100 for sensitivities up to 2000 mV/pA (Patch) (Scale factor (a) is shown on convenient LED's next to the GAIN switch)

Junction Potential Correction:
(3 types, all +300 mV) Manual-ten turn control; Search continuously corrects potential with a slow "attack" time; Hold correction potential only when UPDATE switch is pushed

TEST Commands:
TEST switch with 0.2 mV and 20 mV positions for pipette and seal resistance forming seal (2 pA and 200 pA Current Clamp)

Holding Potential Command:
+200 mV ten turn control with ON/OFF switch (+2 nA Current Clamp)

Panel Meter:
3 ½ digit LCD with 5 functions and automatic decimal point:

  • COMD IN - the command at the command input (1999 mV)
  • VHOLD - the holding potential (1999 mV)
  • VTOT  - the total of all commands presented to the pipette (1999 mv)
  • VM - the membrane voltage (1999 mV)
  • IM - the membrane current before processing:
    199.9 pA 10 GΩ headstage; 19.99 pA 100 MΩ headstage

Step Command Input:
50 : 1 (i.e., 10 V gives 200 mV) industry standard, and 10 : 1 with center OFF (10 kΩ input, 10 V max) (5 V/nA or 1 V/nA Current Clamp)

High Frequency Boost:
Automatic with no need for confusing ON/OFF switch

Computer Telegraph BNC Outputs:
GAIN and FILTER, analog 0.4 V per step

External Mode Select:
From Izero Mode, 5 V CMOS input allows either Vclamp or Iclamp selection via I/0 15-pin connector

Membrane Current (Im) Output:
Im: Unfiltered, Im signal. Sensitivity=(a)(b)mV/pA (used to record data unfiltered)
FILTERED Im: Filtered lm signal.
Sensitivity = (a)(b)mV/pA (used to view data)

Sample & Hold Option:
TTL activated Sample & Hold on Im path via back panel BNC

Electrode Holders: (one supplied)
Low noise polycarbonate with 1mm pressure port and BNC sized (i.e., industry standard) end.  Specify for glass size (HB180 is standard): HB120 accepts glass 1.0 to 1.2 mm OD; HB180 accepts glass 1.5 to 1.8 mm OD (silver wire internal).  Electrode holders in other designs and sizes are available too.

Headstage Dimensions:
7.7 cm × 3.5 cm × 2.8 cm; detachable mounting rod is 0.62 cm diameter by 7.6 cm long. Cable length is 1.8 m

Mainframe Dimensions:
9 cm high, 48 cm wide, 25 cm deep. Supplied with rack mounting hardware

Power: 100/115 or 230 V / AC 50/60 Hz (15 W)



Delivery subject to the reservation of limited or no availability from the manufacturer.